Kellie Schwager - Hair Stylist - Colorado SpringsKellie Schwager

I never dreamed in a million years I would get to do what I LOVE every day.

As a young girl, my friends and I played with Barbies.  The other girls worried over the doll’s outfit and shoes, but I was always busy planning what I would do with her hair!

Over the course of my life, God has grown a childhood dream into a passion not only for hair but for the people sitting in the chair.  My desire today is to love people, create amazing hair styles, and make each person feel great about who they are when they leave my studio.

In 2009, I attended The Salon Professional Academy and received an amazing education from instructors who were talented and experienced beyond what I had hoped.  At the academy, I was mentored by a brilliant hairstylist named Robert Edick.  He changed the way I looked at hair, shaped my creative process, and molded my vision for a business startup and every day processes.  After graduation, Robert and his wife Jeannie allowed me to work in their business space as a sub leaser and begin doing what I love as a career.  Eight clients followed me from beauty school as a client base and grew into what is now Schwager Stylez.  Through Robert and Jeannie’s continued encouragement and generosity and God’s constant grace, I now rent my own space, have full creative control over the business and name, and serve over 90 clientele, all of whom have been generated through networking and word of mouth.

I am humbled and blessed that God gave me such an incredible team of supporters.  My husband is my number one fan and support, and my parents have backed my dream from the beginning.  My mentors have encouraged me all the way through and continue to do so today.

With all this support behind me and because I want my clients to have the best, I work hard to stay up to date on trends and styles in our culture.  I continue to take classes as they are available and seek out growth at every turn.

If you want more information about me, please ask.  I am an open book and look so forward to meeting you in person.